That’s not snoring. That’s the sound of me dying.

We slept in a bit this morning until the kids all went to hang out with Nick. Summer started some pulled pork barbecue in the crock pot, then I dozed off in her lap while she caught up on Stranger Things so she could watch it with the kids. She went to the gym for a bit before everyone got home, and I watched Moana while updating an old laptop I hadn’t used in a while.

Once the kids got back, they all went to drop Noah off and to get an assortment of gifts from Summer’s parents. She had started some pulled pork barbecue in the crock pot earlier in the morning, which we ate once everyone got back home. It was too late to start an episode of Stranger Things, so we watched New Girl, sent the girls to bed, then caught a couple episodes of The Office before I headed home.

When I got home to my hot house, I discovered I had been invaded again by ants. This time, I lost my apple fritters. I dusted the perimeter of my house with ant killer in a fit of rage, then cleaned up a bit before bed. At least it managed to cool off pretty quickly inside.

Can you imagine an Asian that is bothered by the sound of filing nails???

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