RJHS hosted – for 10 points – what team’s car show?

After a fit of a night, I got up this morning to go to Summer’s quiz bowl car show at the junior high. We had too many last-minute ideas that we just had to write down for next time, but she and the kids did a great job. They had a pretty decent showing, and I even managed to get Allen and Kristen to show up together.

After the show, I went home until it was time to head to Summer’s house to watch the kids while she and Jenna had a girl’s night out. They went out for dinner, then a show at Front Street while the kids and I watched the first half of the first season of Stranger Things. Summer was ready to come home around the same time we finished our binge session, and then it was bedtime for all.

“This might be too scary for Mom.”
    – The ten-year-old

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