Are you Hungary?

I got all kinds of free food today. I started off with breakfast at Oakland. Biscuits and gravy, cheesy eggs, sausage, bacon, blueberry scone, and some fruit. Then I had to run home to meet a guy from Dependable Air Conditioning. I texted Melissa yesterday, and she said she probably couldn’t get anyone out for a couple days, but then he called me first thing this morning. It took a couple hours, but after cleaning up and replacing the connection to the compressor at the bottom of the unit, along with a capacitor and switch at the top, I’m back in business.

I ended up eating leftover spaghetti and salad from Pasta Grill, along with a small sandwich from wherever those came from. Then when I went to visit with Sara for a bit, she gave me an extra soft taco from Taco Bell. Fat and happy, or seemingly cranky according to Sara, I left for the junior high.

I finished the day with some actual work, and then went to my parents’ for dinner. Mom made some great curry that’ll probably melt potatoes and become soggy tomorrow. I took the leftover chow mein to Summer when she got out of the band concert, and we watched a couple episodes of The Office to wrap up season four. Then it was home for the evening.

The chocolate isn’t really gravy. And what the hell is a scone, anyway?

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