Thank You for Teaching

We wrapped up teacher appreciation day with a morning meeting about how we’re going to buy four classroom sets of iPads to better distract the children from learning. Ryan taught me some stuff about creating operating system deployments. I ate barbecue at the junior high by myself even though everyone was invited and initially said that it sounded good. Then we got to leave an hour early because Amanda got into some insulation.

After work, I came home and warmed up some leftovers. Summer came over for a little while, and then decided to stay while I played PUBG with the guys. Clint finally got to play with me again after a really long time away due to the new job. Hopefully tomorrow is really nice out, because I don’t want to waste it all sitting around inside all day.

What other job do you have to go to for nine straight months out of the year, and all you get is a week long celebration because you did it?

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