Pooling Resources

I slept late today after a late night gaming session with Clint. Summer was going to go hit the gym before picking up the girls, but Autumn called for a pickup earlier than expected, so we shifted our time table around a bit. She took the girls home to shower, then came over to pick me up to go to Burger King for the quiz bowl car wash. When we finished lunch, we went to my parents’ house to help uncover the pool and start cleaning things up. The girls helped scoop leaves while Summer vacuumed the pool, and Autumn even helped pressure wash a bit of concrete.

We had to get the girls home to shower again before Nick came to pick them up, and Summer and I watched a few episodes of The Office until they left. Then we went to Shoe Carnival so I could find some new sandals, and T.J.Maxx to look for some shorts for Summer. We didn’t find her any shorts, but I did end up getting some cheapo sandals from T.J.Maxx instead of having to order some from Shoe Carnival. When we finished shopping, we stopped by CiCi’s for dinner, and then came back home.

Summer was super tired and fell asleep, so I played some PUBG with Clint and Aaron before bed. Tomorrow will be more yard work, so hopefully it’ll be cool in the morning.

Is a bottle opener on the bottom of my sandals too fratty?

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