I spent all morning at Oakland. I’m not sure where all my time went, because I didn’t feel like I was just wasting my time, but I didn’t complete a lot of tasks. I did manage to remote into my office computer from my phone so I could log into a switch to change a port configuration, and I didn’t break the entire internet in the process. I guess that’s gotta count for something.

I went to lunch with a surly Zach and Sara. Nobody seems particularly fond of the organization right now. I’ve seen similar things happen with other employers, but I guess just not on this scale.

I spent the afternoon at the junior high, mostly walking across the campus a lot. I did manage to spend some time after work trying to decide on a $150 toothbrush. I even revisited later in the evening, but I never bit the bullet. I’ve gotta stop shopping.

Hi. I’m Michael, and I’m a high-functioning, self-medicated shopaholic.

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