Not Saturday

I woke up this morning when Mom called to say she locked herself out of the house. She was going to Tunica with Bác Vân and Doug, and forgot to take her keys and a promo mailer she got for some free money. When we got back, Summer went to pick up some charity spaghetti dinners and then spent most of the day watching The Office with me.

I took some time to add the new filter media to my 55-gallon, and eventually started the acclimation process to introduce my new female betta to the 10-gallon tank. She’s so pretty in the right light, and it makes me want to start a sorority tank. Luckily she took to the smaller tank without any trouble, and seemed to get along with the tetras and corydoras just fine. Hopefully the water quality in the 55 will sort itself out pretty quickly.


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