Pet Shop Boys

I woke up pretty refreshed today after some good sleep. I spent all day cleaning the house, fish tanks, vacuuming, and even some steam cleaning. All the pets seem a bit happier now, and the place definitely looks better.

Summer took the girls to Nick’s and then came over in the evening. We went to Taco Villa for dinner, then Davis Discount Pet Store where I chatted with Mrs. Davis for a little while. I picked up some mealworms for the box turtles, and we left there to go to PetSmart for some supplies she didn’t have. There, I picked up the filter media bags I needed along with a female betta. Jessica’s male in the library keeps making bubble nests, so I’m hoping I can try to breed them.

When we left there, we went to Walmart for something to help with Summer’s poison ivy itch. I also needed some poly fill to stuff in my aquarium filters, so I picked up a 10lb box that should last forever. We stopped and got a couple Blizzards on the way home, then settled in to watch Upside Down.

Up-top, they always win, And down-below, we always fail.

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