The End: Year 2

Today was the last day of school. Something like 90% of the kids were gone, and most of the teachers were just wandering around babysitting whoever was left. Technology had a cookout, and Jason called me over to grill. I almost had the food ready to go on time.

It was a little odd how much work some of us had to get done. I guess the teachers wanting to leave for their vacation brought out a bunch of housekeeping issues that were never important enough to bring up during the school year.

After work, I met with Summer and we went to my parents’ house to swim and have some leftover barbecue chicken. The pool seemed surprisingly warm, and would have been perfect in the sun. Then the fresh baked banana bread was a big hit.

I’m still exhausted after this weekend, but everyone else’s summer vacation is when we’re about to break out the big projects. At least this weekend we’ll get some time away.

Strictly according to analogy.

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