Changing States

Today was the first day of summer projects. I was sent with Dale and Ryan to swap spinning drives out in favor of about six grand worth of solid state hard drives for a couple high school labs. The part that killed me was that we were only doing it because the teachers complained about the speed of the computers, and we only planned to use them for another year. For some reason I couldn’t get the same for the junior high. Maybe it was because I didn’t push for it. I didn’t even realize it was a realistic option, especially a temporary one.

After work, I went to check on Summer as she finished mowing her lawn. She was covered head-to-toe in grass because the mulch guard had broken off of her mower. After a quick shower, we went to my parents’ house to swim some more and to clean up some more leftovers. It’s only two more days until the weekend, and I’m ready for a proper one this time.

Totes bresh, brov.

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