Let’s go somewhere good instead.

I bounced around a bit at work today. At one point in the morning, a group of six of us went to hang a touch panel at the high school. There was actually more to do than just that, but it still seemed like overkill until Jason ended up on a ladder asking for someone to get something for him, and realized everyone was actually busy doing something. Typically anyone beyond the two required for the work would just be playing on a phone or sitting idle.

Summer came downstairs and ate some leftover potluck stuff with me for lunch, and then I spent more of the afternoon running around doing non-group stuff. Eventually we finished out our full day and I headed home. Elementary summer school won’t start until next week, so it’s still pretty slow for me in spite of having both summer school campuses.

After having her hair cut, Summer came over and we went to get some things from my sister’s house. Then we went to Ruby Tuesday to use a BOGO coupon. As we walked in, I expressed how I always feel like I would almost always go somewhere better, even if I had to pay full price. The slap in the face came at the end of the meal when I was told the food I ordered didn’t qualify for the promotion, so I ended up paying twice what I expected. I’m sick to death of it with that place.

Boom, roasted!


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