Home for the Evening

Work was dreadful and exhausting today. Jason and Allen took the day off and left us to pull a ton of cable. No surprise. I ended up with Ben and Ryan, who ended up spending quite a bit of time fighting with some phone cabling issues with the change we were making. It was hot and sweaty, and my foot has been hurting worse from what I assume is some bruising from dropping my kayak on it last weekend.

After work, I felt so gross and tired that I wanted to go swim for a while. The girls just got home from church camp, so Summer brought them over to swim a while too. Then I picked up some Little Caesar’s on the way back to their place before coming home to prepare for the trip. At least they’ll have one night at home before heading out again. I wish I had more time to sleep though.

Gotta find the lobsters on the walls.

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