Today was the day for our trip to St. Louis. I picked the girls up and we headed up Highway 7 around 9. It was a pretty good day for a drive with just a little rain near the end of our trip. We stopped at the Cliff House Inn for some sausage biscuits for breakfast, then made it to Springfield to eat at Lambert’s for lunch.

The food there was awesome. Everything was cooked perfectly aside from the dry chicken strips, but the girls loved them anyway. It was a ton of food, and they kept coming by with more to serve at the table. Everyone got to catch some throwed rolls, and Summer even got a hubcap cinnamon roll as a reward for cutting loose with the fried chicken instead of a salad.

After that, we made the rest of the trip to St. Louis to meet Summer’s sister Beth. We got there a little late because Waze didn’t have the right destination, but Google Maps got us back on track. As soon as we got there, Beth locked herself out of her car, so we ended up sitting in my car waiting for a locksmith. It got me thinking that I should get the tools to take care of that kind of thing myself, but I don’t know if there are any rules regarding that.

Once we got her into her car and the girls loaded up, Summer and I made our way across the city to get to the Crowne Plaza by the airport for the evening. We got a pretty decent rate of but I was disappointed to find out there was an extra $10 overnight parking fee. The in-room refrigerator was also super tiny, and there wasn’t a good rack for the towels, so they put them on the shelf under the sink touching some pretty gnarly looking plumbing.

I started feeling a bit sick, but I think it was just being so full from everything I ate and drank all day. Hopefully I’ll be over it in the morning so we can enjoy a little bit of the city before heading back home.

What do you mean the continental breakfast is twelve dollars?

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