Road Warrior

We didn’t have a whole lot of extra time for adventure today because we had to get back home for work tomorrow. We slept in after an exhausting day and checked out of the hotel at noon. I happened to think to check Craigslist for an Aeron chair since we were in the city, and I found a few listed at a pretty good price. The first call I made ended up not working out because someone else had just bought them, but I arranged to meet another gentleman that had some for sale.

Before that, we headed downtown to find some food. I got us into the neighborhood where we had eaten at a Vietnamese restaurant about eight years ago, and Summer picked out a Moroccan place called Baida. It seemed to be a family affair, and we were one of two occupied tables there. The food was great, and the guy that served us was super nice, though a little slow on the water refills. I had him pick us out an appetizer and my meal, and we chatted for a bit about food. It seemed like a cool place to become a regular.

After lunch, we went across town to meet up with the guy with the Aeron chairs. It was a super nice, older neighborhood, and the people inside were a super nice, older couple. He worked in furniture, and was able to get the chairs pretty cheap. I didn’t love the fit of the B size, and he agreed that a C would probably be a better fit for me, so I ended up not getting a chair. Not thinking about having a full car on our return trip, I asked him to keep me in mind if he comes across a C model in the near future.

From there, it was time to head back home. We made the rest of the trip with only minimal stops for gas, and then for TCBY in Harrison. I made quick work of Highway 7, then hit up the car wash before unpacking for the night.

He doesn’t want lovin’. He wants chicken.

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