Summer with a K

I was exhausted from all the driving this weekend. It didn’t even really feel like we got a weekend. I’m excited to do it again over the course of a couple weeks, but even then the first day will be a solid block of driving to get there in time. I don’t understand why I can’t just scroll down to zoom out and then just zoom back in where I want to be.

We didn’t have any group projects, so I spent all day at Oakland working on a few things I had open there. I met Allen and Summer at KFC for lunch and ate too much, then went back to Oakland. Ben let us off a few minutes early, so I went home and started cleaning up around the house.

Summer came over after a while and we watched Jumper after I had expressed my desire to bend space-time on our drive home from St. Louis. I fear more group stuff tomorrow since Jason’s out for a single day of vacation again. Funny how the hard work always coincides.

Wham, bam shang-a-lang.

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