A long, long way to run.

Amanda and I spent most of the day pulling phone lines at the junior high. It was annoyingly long, but still one of the easier runs. Lunch was finishing up some leftovers from the team cookout.

After work, I came home and set up my new router. I’m hopeful that it resolves my frequent loss of internets, but if it doesn’t, I’ll have to have my modem exchanged again.

I got really frustrated with my 55-gallon tadpole tank after several larger tadpoles died out of nowhere. The water quality seemed pretty questionable, so I spent quite a while doing a water change and finally burying the plants I picked up when I went floating recently. I had some trouble getting the canister filter running again, but it’s back to normal now.

You don’t get to have a¬†quinceanera¬†and a sweet sixteen. That’s just blatant double-dipping.

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