Double Date with Folks

Work was supremely frustrating today. Amanda and I were sent to pull Ryan’s cables at Jason’s buildings, and even if it was unintentional, we had the distinct feeling that Jason was selectively assigning difficult jobs to others so he wouldn’t have to do them. I’m covered from head to toe in fiberglass insulation, and now my skin hurts everywhere.

I went to New China for lunch with Allen and Kristen, and we met Summer there. It was an interesting time, and Kristen wants to hang out with us as couples now. Life is strange.

The afternoon was finishing up the bullshittiest cable run I’ve ever had to do, and then Ben cut us loose at 4. I refused to let Jason beat me out the door, so Heather, Gary, and I all left a few minutes earlier.

I went home and started charging Summer’s Amazfit Bip before she got there to go swim at my parents’ house. Dad came out to join us in the pool for a bit until Mom got home from work, and then we all went to Ruby Tuesday for dinner.


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