Like Day and Night

I rode the bike to work today since Summer was still having her alternator replaced. It was a pretty good day for it, particularly in the morning. It wasn’t too hot on the ride in to work in the morning, and the afternoon was cool and overcast with just a few sprinkles on the way home.

Work started out a bit awkward without any real plan of action. We didn’t have enough cable on hand to do the line pulls I needed, so we started blowing out computers and projectors instead. I helped out at Dwight with Jason and Allen while everyone else found something better to do.

The three of us managed to stretch that out until close to lunch, then went to La Plaza Restaurant. Jason forgot his wallet at the shop, so I’ll have to remember to collect next week. After lunch, we swapped Allen for Amanda and went to her buildings to check the status of some rooms. The painting wasn’t done, and the electricity hadn’t been run, so the entire afternoon was basically a huge bust. Then we left half an hour early.

I made it home and started on some laundry. Summer eventually made it back and we went to get her car. While we were out, I wanted to stop by Harbor Freight to check out their sidewalk sale. In the few hours we were there, I picked up a pair of gloves to throw in the car for an emergency. Then it was back home for more productivity.

My sheets ended up getting bleached in several places by some skin cream. I was super angry about it, but in reality nobody looks at them anyway, and they still feel the same. We’re a little over halfway through The Office. It didn’t seem like it ran for this many episodes when I was watching them as they came out. I guess time really does fly.

Learn the lesson and move along.

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