The ol’ Taco Switcheroo

We had a really chill day at work. It started off with too many of us imaging too few computers. I went to Oakland to take care of a couple things and had a chat with Sara since she just received her Apple Pencil. It was dumb.

A bunch of us went to Taco Bell for lunch after I announced they were giving away free Doritos Locos Tacos. I didn’t read the fine print though, and the timeframe was only from 2-6pm. I felt a little bad, but then I had a chalupa cravings box and everything was better. After lunch, I spent some time helping Amanda run around Sequoyah setting up miscellaneous replacement computers in some of her rooms. I didn’t really understand why she had such a hodgepodge of models, but she didn’t seem too concerned with making it better.

We left work about 15 minutes early and I came home to clean up the kitchen. Summer stopped by for just a second before going to meet Julie for a mani/pedi. I kept cleaning until she got back, and we went to Chili’s with a bonus gift card I had. Our waitress was pretty awesome, if not a bit rushing. Overall it was a good time.

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

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