The Long Way

We got a ton of cable in today, and they finished the floors on the east side of the junior high, so it was my time to run nearly 4,000 feet of cable. It was a relatively easy run to the library, but splitting the lines up to run down individual tubes of conduit got a bit hairy. We spent literally all day working there, with a break for lunch at a barbecue cookout/vendor meetup at Elliott Electric Supply.

After work, I came home and got the house cleaned up before Summer brought Noah over. He wanted to spend the night, so she brought some Domino’s home and we watched When We First Met and the first episode of Black Mirror. Just before bed, I ran into some trouble with my file server. I’m hoping I can recover without too much trouble, but it seems to be an issue with some software. Ironically, if it had been a hardware failure with a drive, I would have had no trouble at all.

Computers are stupid.

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