Amanda and I spent all day together to try and accomplish anything. We took the morning to wall mount a TV at Sequoyah, then went to London to move a copy machine. I went to Subway with Allen and Jason, and Summer stopped by just to see me for a minute. Then Amanda came with me to the junior high where I had to come up with something to do. We ended up blowing out the 8th grade hallway computers and projectors, and came to the realization that I have way too many computer labs out there.

After work, we walked across the street to look at a couch in my neighbor’s driveway. She said she was holding it for a girl that was supposed to come get it in the morning, but if it’s still there tomorrow, I’ll probably pick it up. We came inside from that, and I started some laundry while cleaning up a bit, then we ended the night with some more of The Office. Things are about to get really weird there now.

Recaps are lazy writing.

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