We actually had a group plan today. Amanda and I ran cable for the 5th grade office while Allen and Jason ran a line from the gym to that same switch closet. We finished first, so then it was up to us to run four more lines for the middle school side. I let myself get aggravated at them again, so I was irritable all afternoon.

After work, we walked across the street and bought my neighbor’s couch to replace my super broken sofa. The two end seats recline, which is kinda cool. Now I just have to get rid of my old one so I can fit the new one in the house.

We went to Ruby Tuesday for a BOGO dinner, then to Walmart to pick up some cat food. Bác Vân called to say she made egg rolls, so we stopped to chat and pick those up once we made it back home. Both of us were pretty tired after the day, so it was an early night for us.

It’s amazing how much stuff a hoarder can fit into a two-car garage.

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