You ol’ whippersnapper, you…

I spent all morning cleaning and getting packed. We didn’t actually leave until the middle of the afternoon, but it worked out great because we wanted to go to Whipper Snappers in Branson for dinner. The food seemed better than the first time I went. The restaurant wasn’t nearly as packed. In fact, I’d guess at least half of the tables were open. There was the usual, stereotypical Asian family in the back, all working away on the crab legs. They even asked for a to-go box for the dessert they brought back to their table but didn’t have room to eat. I was too busy working on my own crab and lobster to notice, but it seemed like they stuck around long enough after they were denied to eat the food there.

After dinner, we walked next door to Krispy Kreme for a free hot donut sample. It really was pretty cool to see the donuts work their way down the conveyor belt, and then the end product straight off the line was super delicious. From there, we made it to Springfield for the night. My first hotel choice was blocked off by construction, so we landed at a Red Roof Inn. The room is tiny, but it’ll get the job done. I would have liked to make it a bit farther the first day, but all the hard stuff is done, and we’ve got all day to get there tomorrow.

Who puts a full-size ironing board in a room this small?

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