Dude, you’re going to Dells!

It was finally water park day. Beth got us four tickets to the Mt. Olympus water park in Wisconsin Dells, which seemed like a larger version of Branson. It was basically a series of water park resorts all in a long strip of land near the lake. Each resort was relatively small by itself, but every single place on the road had a novelty statue at the very least, and many places had indoor water slides.

Mt. Olympus was a bit smaller than I expected. We pretty well covered the whole park in just a couple hours. The water slide lines were mostly annoying, and it was pretty hot outside to add to the discomfort. The wave pool was small and tubeless, so you weren’t even allowed to swim out past where you could touch the bottom. I think we all really had the most fun climbing around the kid’s area where they had a couple tubeless slides and tons of random water falling everywhere.

After the park, we went back to Beth’s place to pick up what the girls had forgotten, and then we took Beth and Bryan out to dinner. It was a bit of a drive to Olive Garden, but I’m an expert at multi-lane interstate driving now. Dinner was pretty good, and afterward we had birthday cake for Eaddie and Beth back at her condo.

That wrapped up our evening in Wisconsin. We packed up most everything when we got back to the hotel, and we’ll head to Chicago in the afternoon. Hopefully Chi-Town will treat us at least as well as Madison.

Did you find your retainer?

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