Home, Sweat Home

We woke up this morning and Summer picked up some breakfast. Once I got all of my things sorted, I headed home to start cleaning up around the house. It was pretty rainy all day, so it was a good day to break a sweat indoors catching up on the housework.

I fished out a couple more frogs out of the fishtank to release outside. I decided to put a couple in Bác Vân’s garden, so hopefully they’ll grow up and help with the bugs.

Summer came over after the girls left for her parents’ house and we had some leftovers for dinner. My parents came over to visit for a bit while they were out to go shopping, and then Summer and I got the new sofa in and out of the garage.

I still have the old one in the middle of the living room, but I’ll have to wait for a bulk item pickup day to get it out of here, I think. I guess I could always tear it apart into easily disposable parts. I don’t think it’s in good enough condition for anyone to refurbish.

We ended the evening with some more of The Office before bed. My own, squishy, soft, cuddly bed.

Frog went a-kkkkk-courtin’, and he did ride, kkkkkk-crambone!

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