Phở Real?

More heavy lifting today. This morning we managed to install three touch panels before 10AM. We were on such a roll that we went to CJ’s for lunch on the way back out to drop off four more panels and remove a whole bunch more. We ran out of mounting hardware, which makes the 50 TVs and touch panels in our warehouse completely useless until we get more, which had Dale reeling all afternoon. Removing old setups in the afternoon at least served to let the painters in between hardware to patch up the walls.

After work, Summer and Eaddie came over to go to my parents’ for phở. They both really liked it, and the spaghetti squash salad, and the avocado dessert drink. Eaddie even managed to make it through the whole meal with chopsticks.

We picked Noah up on the way back to my house, and we landed on watching the Get Smart movie remake from 2008. None of them had ever heard of it before, and I had never seen the new movie. I didn’t love it compared to the original, but I also haven’t seen the original since I was a kid. After showing them a compilation of the old show on YouTube, I was proud that Summer at least identified the voice of Inspector Gadget.

Sorry about that, Chief!

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