Dale was ready to roll this morning, and he and Ryan ended up pushing everyone else to get to work. We loaded up two groups of three and headed to Center Valley to replace eight touch panels. Ryan and I did four touch panels in the time that it took Jason, Zach, and Allen to do three. Dale took care of inventory for both groups since we didn’t need the extra hand. I wish we could get points for good work.

Dale, Allen, and I went to New China for lunch since we had a relatively light afternoon. I’m not sure what anyone else did, but Dale, Ryan, and I went to the high school to image a couple labs and reroute some cables into ceiling drops. I was just glad to be there so they couldn’t gripe about me not working along with the rest of the crew.

After work, I stopped at the car wash to clean all the grime off of the Murano from our trip. Then it was home for the evening. I spent some more time re-looking in every corner of my house for my box fan that seems to have completely vanished. Then I tracked down a leak in my air conditioner that was leaving puddles in the floor of my closet. Dad’s eagle eye spotted a drain plug that simply fell out, so tomorrow I’ll have to try and find a new one that fits.

Google it.

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