First Class

There were several out of the office first thing this morning. Even Allen showed up a few minutes late. Nobody really spoke to me, and I sort of imagine it was because they were upset with me, but I don’t much care either.

I got a new line of laptops imaging since nobody had touched them for a couple days, and Amanda only got six of the second set done. I upped it to eight and left for Oakland to try and complete some work orders. Just as I got there, I noticed an email requesting immediate help at the junior high for a CPR presentation the nurses were giving. This was two-for-two of their technology completely failing. Last year it was a bad audio input port on their mixer. This year it seemed to be an issue with reading their DVD on the laptop the building provided. I guess there’s always next year. One of the girls just ran home and brought in a personal DVD player.

I went straight back to Oakland to knock some things out before heading to the high school. I actually kind of felt good about what I had completed, but next week won’t be any picnic. High school time came up on me faster than I expected.

It wasn’t quite as crazy as I expected, but I guess the real circus will be tomorrow with the sophomores. Today it was the juniors, which would have been the first 9th grade class I supported at the junior high. I was kind of surprised how few faces I recognized, but looking back I guess I would have seen the 8th graders more often anyway.

After work, I headed home and unboxed my Google Daydream View VR headset. I got it for a steal, so I practically had to get it just for the controller. The girls stopped by for a bit before I headed to my parents’ house for dinner. After some chit-chat there, I stopped by CVS to use a coupon, then went to visit with the girls before heading home to bed.

Tomorrow’s an all-day laptop extravaganza.

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