Feeling Flushed

We got up this morning, had breakfast, and packed everyone up to go to the Alma Aquatic Park. They had half a dozen tubeless water slides and a decent sized pool with a climbing wall and diving board. There was even a toilet bowl slide that dumped you into a tiny, deep pool as not to crack your skull. It was pretty impressive, and we lucked out by accidentally visiting on a BOGO for $5 day. We expected to pay $50, but got everyone in for $15.

The lines weren’t bad on the slides, so the kids wore them out pretty well. It was tax-free weekend for back to school shopping, so I think that helped thin down the crowd. We stuck around for a few hours, then headed in to Fort Smith for an early dinner at Furr’s Fresh Buffet.

Once everyone finished eating, we decided to stick around town to get some shopping done at the mall since we wouldn’t have everyone with us on Sunday. Eaddie and Noah didn’t much want to participate, but after dragging them around for a while and then pumping them full of some sugary lemonade, they pepped up a bit. Summer and I were still super tired, but we all survived and made it out of Penny’s with some pretty great deals.

We headed back home after dark and opted not to go to my house for the kids to continue watching Lord of the Rings, even though Eaddie and Noah seemed to find their second wind with some more Arrow.

Wake up everybody, no more sleepin’ in bed.

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