Closet of Learning

It was a pretty relaxing day at work now that everything is in full swing. I had new work coming in, but it was easy enough to keep up with that and close out a few old work orders at the same time. I felt like I had more of a plan today than before.

I took a late lunch at McDonald’s and actually got to witness someone walk in and use the ordering kiosk. He almost completed the whole process, but then instead of paying there, he printed a receipt and went to a cashier to pay out. I wanted to ask why, but was just left confused instead. 

After lunch, I spent some time at the shop waiting for a Dell tech to show up and repair a computer under warranty for us. I don’t know why they didn’t just send the part like they usually do. Ryan hosed me down with some a fireman’s hose worth of hardware knowledge while I waited, but the tech never showed.

I finished the day at the junior high, and spent some time in the core closet gaining more knowledge through experience than I have most other days. It was nice to actually be successful after all that Googling.

Summer made some pulled pork for dinner, but they got home too late to do much else, so we called it a night.

Boats bode boating boding..

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