Goose Blah Blah

I had forgotten how horrible traffic gets around Tech. I managed to make it to work roughly on time, but it made me appreciate how easily I normally get there. I decided to hook the failing sign computer back up, and to the contrary to how it’s behaved since I’ve started messing with it, it loaded the presentation fine. I spent all morning at Oakland before meeting Dale and Ryan at Popeye’s for lunch, then took some biscuits to the girls in the office afterward.

I spent some time at the shop chatting with Gary, and set up the little Zen waterfall to give him some peace. Eventually I made my way to the junior high and wrapped up a few things there. For being such a low-key day, I felt pretty accomplished.

After work, I headed home to clean up and feed the turtles before heading to Summer’s for the evening. We had leftovers and watched¬†Iliza Shlesinger’s new special,¬†Elder Millennial on Netflix.


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