Mow Money, Mow Problems

Summer wanted to sleep in pretty late today after staying up late watching Avengers last night. We finally rolled out of bed just before noon because I was hungry, but I didn’t really have any good food around. She wasn’t hungry, so I just warmed up some frozen, grilled hot dogs. They were awful, but I never got sick. I think they were just freezer burned.

We eventually got out of the house to get the girls, then went to her house to start mowing. I tried to help a bit, but the battery for her string trimmer didn’t last very long. At one point I went to get her some more gas, and I had forgotten how to pump gas at a pump without a built-in credit card processor. I took a couple short turns of a couple laps of mowing so she could take a little break, but otherwise I was mostly useless.

Nick picked up the girls for the evening, so Summer and I went to Mulan’s for dinner, then came back to my house for the night. She was so beat from mowing that she passed out pretty much right away. Hopefully I can get some stuff accomplished tomorrow before another week of work.

I miss behaving.

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