Infinity Cords

It took me five and a half hours to do what should have taken 20 minutes, and I have a lack of documentation to thank for it. I expected to be pulled for project work today, but nobody said a word to me. Instead, I spent all morning and some of the afternoon tending to an “emergency” issue with the intercom bells at the junior high being slightly offset from the red clocks in the halls. It should have been easy to find the switch port that had been locked due to a tripped port security setting, but instead of reading a label, I had to follow the line all the way from the intercom to the switch closet.

We took a brief break for lunch at Fat Daddy’s in London, but everyone was eager to get back to work for some reason. I just got stuck sitting on all of my work orders. I even thought for a brief moment I’d get to leave on time, but no such luck.

After being stopped in the hallway for another 30 minute job, I went to Summer’s and waited for her to get home. I warmed her up a leftover hamburger, then we came back to my house to watch Infinity Wars in glorious 3D. We even caught the end of Ragnarok to bring us up to speed with the refugee ship.


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