Hangin Around

I could have had most of the day for work orders. We were supposed to hang one of my touch panels in the afternoon. Instead, I volunteered to help Zach and Jason hang some security cameras at London. They had lost an extension cord somehow, so we first had to run to Lowe’s to buy a new one. At least I got to pick it out this time, and I chose an auto-retracting one that can mount to the wall or ceiling. It ended up being about the same $100 that we would have paid for one with a manual reel anyway. When we finally got to the school, Zach started putting cameras together, and Jason sort of apologized but mostly excused himself for sitting on a bench with a bum knee.

We worked through the first half of lunch and then headed to the junior high for chili dogs. The others finished pretty quickly and were ready to head back to the shop for some reason, so I wrapped up and we went back. Then they sat around the shop until it was time to go to the middle school to hang two of Allen’s TVs for him. Of course he took the day off so he could have a four day weekend.

I was supposed to work on some network configurations with Gary in the afternoon, but he wasn’t up to it, and I ended up just sitting there to run out the clock. Back at home, I felt my head cold slowly get worse through the night. Summer came over and we watched a few more episodes of The Office before I had to take a shot of Nyquil and head to bed.

Well, it looks like there’s going to be a clean-up on aisle five.

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