I’m Just a Regular Everyday Normal Guy

It was a pretty slow day at work, but I still didn’t make a whole lot of headway on anything. I’ve lost a whole lot of efficiency to this head cold. I ended up skipping lunch and just working at my slow pace all day until after work when I went to Summer’s for dinner. She had just left for the gym, so I helped Autumn start draining her turtle tank, then went outside and fought with the lawn mower for a while. I really am pretty excited to use an electric one instead of a gas powered one with all the nuances of a combustion engine.

After Summer got back and we all ate, I messed with her window blinds for a little while, then gave up and came home for the evening. It’s another early bedtime, and hopefully enough rest to improve my cold recovery time.

If you wanna mess with me I think you probably can, because I am not confident and I’m weak for a man.

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