L’orange Chiquen

Aside from a brief moment of VLAN switch fun, today was mostly more imaging. I got to spend some more time not getting paid to work on a laptop, and the prissy got sissier.

Ronda called and elated something about orange chicken in the cafeteria, so I met her and Summer for an early lunch. I had to get there a little earlier to fix the serving line computers, and Summer had to leave to meet a student for some lunch hour work, but I eventually made my way back to the library to eat with the others.

After work, I dropped the girls off at karate and waited for them at Oakland while I reimaged yet another computer. It took me the whole two hours to get everything set back up, and we grabbed a couple buckets of chicken on the way back home. Summer was down with a massive headache, so the rest of us made a mess of the kitchen and then disappeared into the night.

Maybe the cleaning fairies will get it.

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