Time Trials

Ben had us in the conference room first thing this morning to talk about PaperCut and testing rules. He got breakfast, which helped quite a bit. Then we actually got to do some group work for me!

I think Dale, Zach, and I set a new record for the fastest truck loading, delivery, removal, and mounting to replace a SMART board. It helped that we only had to drive to Oakland, but it helped even more that everyone on board was there to work. After the first one, we went to the arena to fix a board in a switch closet that had started to sag away from the wall.

Lunch was a big group of us at Western Sizzlin, and then Gary joined the three of us to hang a second touch panel at Oakland. That was all the group work I had to be a part of, so I spent the rest of the afternoon at Oakland before heading home.

I played Overwatch most of the evening to get the wins I needed for some special loot, and then I had to call SiriusXM when I realized they had charged me for another month of service after I specifically asked themĀ not to! It was mostly painless, but I set myself up for having to call again in under a month. I really hate that company.

I made another quick call to Discover to find out the department I needed was closed. Then I went to get some gas and headed to Summer’s for the evening.

Hog Wild Wednesdays are back!

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