Quick Trip to Arcadia

This morning started with an outcry over badge printing. It seemed like just about everyone was affected, but I think Amanda had more trouble than I did. Mine seemed to pick up again after restarting the printers. Then I spent too long fighting with some newer, yet somehow unmanaged iPads. I left a little late for lunch and got a drink and free tots from Sonic, and chili with a free burger for Wendy’s. I ended up eating too much, but paid so little.

The junior high ate up my whole afternoon, and I’ve likely worked myself into another directionless morning tomorrow. Hopefully I get myself on task and close out some more work orders pretty quickly, and I should be able to take the lead.

After work, I took the girls to my parents’ house while Summer went to the gym. We tried waiting a little while for her before we started eating, but once the food was hot, I started the kids on dinner. Somewhere in there, I fired up my old arcade cabinet, and Eaddie and I beat Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Autumn wasn’t having much of it, but at least she ate two hot dogs without too much fuss. She and Summer tried playing some foosball as Eaddie and I finished up.

Too many cookies later, the girls all went home, and I went to my house to spend some time with the cats and clean up a bit before bed.

…back when there were only four elements!

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