Let’s Table this for Now

I started out behind this morning after dealing with a faulty cat box. I’ve really got to do a full disassembly when the weather’s nice. What a way to spend an afternoon. Before I could even get to work, Heather was already harassing me about my ugly folding table that I scavenged from the stage upstairs. I can’t stand that so much good stuff is being thrown out in the name of renovation. Regardless, I knew I was going to have to find a way to get it home.

I stayed pretty steady all day. I guess I filled myself up on coffee, because I never really got overly hungry for lunch. Summer surprised me with an apple fritter when I got to the junior high, so that and the coffee carried me straight through a working lunch until quitting time. I managed to fit the table into my car and headed to Hubbard to pick up my bike. It was a quick ride home before Summer picked me up to retrieve my car, and then I went to Wendy’s for a cheap dinner. I spent all evening in a level of semi-stress just reading about video cards. Then I ate the other half of a partially fermented kiwi.

Oh the times, they have a-change-d.

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