Fever for the Favor

I didn’t have a whole lot going on today at work. A few of the others have caught up pretty close to me in work orders, and I guess it’s because both of my campuses become pretty self-reliant after a while. I ran to Wendy’s to grab a cheap lunch that I ate at home for no particular reason. I think I’m just tired of the grunt work, and I’m looking for something to learn and have fun with again.

After work, I ran straight home to get the bike, and Summer came to get my tire to take to Hubbard ATV. Then Eaddie and I went to pick up Autumn from her color guard practice. We stopped by the Neighborhood Market for a couple loaves of French bread, then went to their house to start up some garlic bread for dinner. When Summer got there, she and I ate some leftover spaghetti while the girls ate a frozen pizza. Then I headed back home for bed.

I’ve got the green glow under my car!

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