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I had a headache all night, and I wasn’t sure if it was neck positioning again, or if it was because my new CPAP was blowing at a lower pressure than the overkill I was used to getting on my old machine. I didn’t really wake up much, and I don’t think I really gasped for air in the night, but I definitely worked up a pretty bad headache that just wouldn’t go away until I got up and took a couple naproxen. Having the machine automatically adjust itself may just take some getting used to since my old machine was basically breathing for me.

We were pretty hungry for lunch, so we invited Bác Vân to go with us to Mulan’s. Summer’s heart rate shot up while we were eating, and when we got back home she still wasn’t feeling well enough to do anything, so she took a nap while I did a bunch of laundry. Eventually she had to go home to receive the kids, so I finished up on laundry and then took the bike up to her place to install a couple shower heads. Then we watched an episode of The Office before it got too dark for me to go home. I stopped to fill my tires with air on the way home, and then got sucked into an internet black hole reading up on CPAP forums.

Slow your bankroll.

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