Gauntlet Wars

We had to get up super early this morning to make it to Little Rock for Summer’s run at Conquer the Gauntlet. Somehow we managed to get out the door and all the way there without incident, and we dropped her off in the middle of a huge grassy field where everyone was parking.

I took the girls to Sonic since we were all super hungry. I thought that would have gotten them into better moods, but but it was mostly downhill from there. I had some trouble with the Sonic app ordering again, which I think makes four out of five times that I’ve had an issue with it. This time, I was unable to place my order and was double charged for a $40 refill on my gift card. Fortunately, it looks like customer service will be able to refund me if I give them a call. When we got done eating, we went to the McCain Mall to shop around. The girls started off okay, but things quickly devolved into more or less constant bickering. We had a moment of brief quiet as I picked up a Rocket League blind box pull-back racer car. We even went back to try and recover my decade-old preorder credit without any luck.

We made a quick stop at Dick’s to try and refill my CO2 canisters before heading out to pick Summer up again. It was my first denial for the age of the tanks and how long it’s been since they’d been hydrostatically tested. Summer texted as we were walking out, so we made our way back to the event to pick her up. I called when we got there to find out where to find her, and as soon as I hung up I got a call from a girl I was messaging on the Fbook about a CPAP. She wanted to meet at the McCain Mall at 3, so we got Summer, went to eat a celebratory meal at Red Lobster, and then picked up my new CPAP.

From there we stopped at Sam’s for a few things, and I nearly picked up a box of Coca-Cola syrup before deciding against it until I had more CO2. We stopped by the Dick’s in Conway so I could be denied for that one last time, and then headed home so the girls could go with their father to the county fair. Once they were gone, we headed back to my house to set up my new CPAP and start some laundry.

As soon as Summer flopped down on the bed, she spotted a brown recluse, and then a second just a few seconds later. After a mad dash to strip the bed sheets, I killed a total of half a dozen of them of various sizes. At least the new sheets seem soft. And spider-free.

I can’t even imagine how many of them I’ve swallowed in the night.

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