Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind!

I thought I might get lucky with Oakland’s sign this morning, but it looks like I’ll have to spend some more time outside with it. The junk from Vantage LED can’t be set manually elsewhere and have it remember the settings, so I’m guessing I’ll have to go out with an alternatively-powered monitor to see what I’m doing before plugging it into the LED sign. The more I deal with that hardware, the more I absolutely hate it.

If that wasn’t enough for the morning, I frustrated myself more by spending 15 minutes trying to get the Sonic app to let me spend some of the extra $40 it had previously charged me, but it refused to let me complete my order. I don’t know what the deal was, but I just kept getting hungrier. I ended up running by Wendy’s for some chili cheese fries and free single with cheese. These really are the best cheap lunches I could ask for.

I kept busy all afternoon at the junior high, then came home and had to clean up after the cats. They’re really cramping my style. Between constantly ruining furniture and carpet, they basically just exist solely to turn my money into shit. On the bright side, Jessica’s bougie fish could suddenly eat when I brought home some of his flakes from work. Over a week and he doesn’t eat a bite, and I bring home pink flakes and he won’t stop. I’ve just had it with animals.

Summer had me pick up some Arby’s on the way to her place, and after finishing Aladin we watched several episodes of The Office until bedtime. Michael’s left the show, and now I get to relive all the strangeness that happens after. I don’t even really remember what happens, or if I ever even finished the series. Better late than never.

Don’t you dare turn that down!

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