Fall Rain

I had a super relaxing morning with Dale and Zach today. We had to move some equipment around at the high school, and then I walked with Zach to try and track down a kid that threw a bang snap down a stairwell. We never saw him, but the cops tracked him down eventually. Then I got to climb up onto the roof with Zach to run down some cable he thought was damaged. I’ve always wanted to climb up onto the roof of one of those buildings, and it was a good day to do it. It wasn’t too hot because of all the rain we were about to get.

We went to Western Sizzlin for lunch, and the help I needed disappeared until it started to rain, so I just went to the junior high to finish up some work orders until quitting time. When I left, I went to my parents’ house to see if I could snag a CPAP air filter, and when the girls finished what they were doing, we went back for dinner.

Everyone was pretty tired, so we went straight to bed once we got back to my house. Now the trick is to not waste tomorrow.

I woke up in a new Bugatti.

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