Kazoo Taps

I closed out a bunch of work orders today. I could have probably been more efficient with it, but I felt good about what I closed. I still need to stop procrastinating though.

Summer wanted something hot for lunch instead of her salad, so we went to the cafeteria together and she got a salad. I got mostly chili and nacho meat sauce on top of some salad stuff. It was pretty good, but I ate too much.

I had to end back up at the junior high to pick Autumn up after school, but I made her wait in my office while I moved a huge A/V rack out of the cafeteria by myself. I almost dropped it and died once, but fortunately I made it back to my office without incident. Then she conned me into taking her to McDonald’s for some french fries for a snack before she had to go to quiz bowl. Summer picked her up, and I spent the rest of the evening bouncing around the house.

Jessica’s fish finally died and was stiff as a board by the time I found him, so I played Taps on my kazoo while I flushed him down the toilet. I’m just glad it’s finally over, because he really did look like he was having an awful time, and I just couldn’t get his condition to improve.

This drain leads to the big ocean in the sky.

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