Coaching Needed

I spent a good portion of today in the ceiling cleaning up some old cabling at the junior high. I spent more time there than I should have, but I was working with a cable that was only just long enough to do what I wanted. I went back to the shop to try and take Allen out to lunch for his birthday, but found out that he had called in sick for the day, so I went to McDonald’s to grab some fries, then went home to eat my leftover reuben from Arby’s last week.

When I got back from lunch, we had a conference call with some PaperCut people to go over some things that we mostly already knew. I felt like I had a pretty good grasp on it already, which was nice. Then I spent some more time finishing my work in the junior high ceiling before closing out what new work orders I had received.

Too near the end of the day, I got started troubleshooting some print issues the coaches were having in their office. I figured it was a quick in-and-out fix, but I ended up staying about three hours late and frustrated myself to the point of giving up until tomorrow. I’ll have to try and steal some cycles from Gary to figure it out, but I feel like I’m just missing something dumb.

Load Balancing Needed

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