Pumpkins scream in the dead of night!

I tried to keep a steady pace today, picking up work orders here and there. It was still difficult to find motivation, but I got enough done. I’m still plenty ahead of everyone else in work order count.

Ronda reminded me that Sonic had 50 cent corn dogs today, so I picked up a sackful and brought them back to the library where she, Summer, and I ate them in front of Jessica and her ramen noodles on a plate.

Right as school was about to let out, the house across the street from Oakland started blaring This is Halloween on repeat loud enough that you could hear it from inside the school building. After work, I came home for some light drinking and loaded up The Nightmare Before Christmas. I really just wanted to finish the movie to say that I’d seen it. Now that I have, it mostly reminds me of when I watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show last year and just felt “meh” about it in spite of all the hullabaloo.

And if you aren’t shakin’, there’s something very wrong.

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