Jason was out today, which kind of just reinforced our lack of projects for the day. That meant I got to spend most of the morning researching high school esports so I could write a reply email to the kid that contacted me about wanting to start a league. I got really into it for a bit, and kind of hyped myself up, probably too much. I’m too much of a filthy casual to be too serious, but I love the idea of it all the same, and I feel like I know more than most anyone else that will be helping these kids out.

Gary’s birthday is coming up Sunday, so Dale wanted to take him to lunch today. We got almost everyone out to CJ’s, where we spotted a Tesla Model 3 driven by a guy Brice recognized from the plant. That was a mostly quiet and not entirely awkward lunch, and then I spent the rest of the afternoon at Oakland, babysitting an imaging computer.

Ben released us at 3 on the grounds that we could go vote if we wanted to do so. I came home and cast mine into the toilet, and came out feeling like I got more out of the ordeal. Summer came over after her workout, and eventually we went to Zaxby’s to split some dinner. It was still too much food for us, but it hit the spot. When we got home, I caught her up on my esports correspondence before wasting the rest of my evening doing nothing on the internet.

Now I’m going to have to become a history teacher.

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