In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room

We slept in today, then left for Conway around lunch time. We were both pretty hungry once we got there, so we went straight to Logan’s and had their prime rib. Everything tasted pretty awesome, but Logan’s usually does. Then we went to Target for several hours.

First we picked up some clothes that were on clearance, and got a $10 promo gift card with our purchase as well. I was feeling super tired and thirsty after everything we ate, so we sat in the Starbucks/snack area for a while with an Icee. I saw Coylene walking up and beat on the glass to get her attention so we could wave at her. She stopped by for just a second, and then I put our clothes in the car before going back in to spend our new gift card.

We spent way longer than I expected in there, and just kept picking up more and more clearanced stuff. Then I saw Jonathan round the corner with his daughter, so I waved him down to chat for a bit. I hadn’t seen him or Dylan in years, so it was nice to catch up, if only briefly.

Once we finished up there, we went straight to Lowe’s to pick up the rest of my TIKI torches. Some of the ones there were in pretty rough shape, so after some haggling I got the girl there to knock the price down on some of them. Overall I was happy with how the transaction was finalized, and we loaded up to head home.

Back in town, Summer went to pick up the girls and head home, and I played a few rounds of Rocket League just to get one more golden pumpkin crate before the event ends tomorrow. Then it was a quick email to NVIDIA to try and return my two RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition cards before bed.

The boys in the back are called macaws.
Because of their claws?
No, because they’re macaws!

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