Empty the Toy Box

Allen called me early this morning wanting help hanging a touch panel, so I left Oakland and met him and Brice at the shop. They had most everything loaded up, but I caught a couple things Allen forgot before we left. Unfortunately I didn’t catch everything before we got to London, and we were missing a driver we needed for the tool box as well as the actual mount for the touch panel. To aggravate me further, traffic was utterly retarded with what little drizzle we had for rain. I was stuck behind someone going 10 miles under the speed limit on the way back to town, and then on the way back to London I kept getting stuck by people driving slowly or not paying attention and swerving or parking at green lights.

We finally got the panel hung and it started to rain a bit more. We stopped at the dumpster to throw away our trash, and then Allen backed into someone else’s truck. It wasn’t a gentle bump either. He smashed into it with a major thud. Miraculously we couldn’t see any damage to either vehicle. We figured the trailer hitch hit the tire and just stopped us cold, but I had to assume there must be some alignment issue after that hit. Allen went inside to report himself, and then we made our way back to the shop.

By that time I was so incredibly frustrated that I decided to dump both tool boxes and rebuild them from scratch. I think it took me a little over three hours, but I got all the random nonsense cleaned out and organized. It’s amazing how empty they look when they only have what they’re supposed to have in them. I finally left the shop and was going to grab some lunch, but ended up only getting some nuggets on the way to the junior high since school was almost out. I finished the day there, and even worked a couple hours late just because I wanted to get a loaner laptop set up for Tracy since her hard desktop hard drive died this morning.

Summer got some chicken grilling at her house, so I ran to Walmart to get some squash, zucchini, mushrooms, and a bell pepper to skewer, and we had a pretty great dinner. I didn’t stay long though, because I still had to set up the loaner laptop. It took me practically until bedtime, and then I headed home in the fog to go to sleep.

There’s a black cloud hanging over my head and it’s pouring down, pouring down.

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